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Inheritance precise time at the helm

TAG Heuer replica AQUARACER Aquaracer series
Six professional features: 500 meters waterproof guaranteed by the world’s most rigorous and demanding test – Swiss watch industry manufacturing and operational testing.

Unidirectional rotating bezel. Sturdy iconic design accessories and the core security features, making it the standard model recognized diving watch. Unidirectional rotating bezel, can be measured accurately dive time consuming, while protecting the safety of users.

Easy grip knobs and oversized screw-in crown. 43 mm brushed steel case configuration 6 knobs, easy to operate when wearing diving gloves. Advanced color matte coating, screw-in crown with double safety gaskets, dust and water.

Vertical stripes dial pointer and special fluorescent label on the scale and the orange tip of the second hand, make this watch even in dim light or underwater have good readability. “500M” mark next to the 9 o’clock position of the large date display window, prominent and easily identifiable.

Automatic helium valve. Provides the necessary features, the depth limit for divers in long time operation.

Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and caseback. Better visibility, crystal glass through the inner anti-reflection treatment.

AQUARACER Aquaracer 500 m series
500 m AQUARACER new Aquaracer series is the latest breakthrough TAG Heuer. For the first time into the high-tech precision ceramic, tough and durable, even face the harsh environment unafraid; depending on the photosensitive Run, which also was used in the watch elegant. In terms of design, the series of magical watch pay more attention to color, such as use in the United States Oracle Racing limited edition red element; closer integration of water sports, blue, yellow, orange on the dial, the pointer at the other details, make design more eye-catching dial and lots of fun diving. 10 o’clock position with polished stainless steel automatic helium valve, can work long hours for professional divers assisted in the deep sea.

TAG Heuer replica

AQUARACER Aquaracer Chronograph Calibre 72 COUNTDOWN
Modern art inspired by the masterpieces of the past as well as cooperation with the United States Oracle Racing team, AQUARACER Aquaracer Calibre 72 Chronograph countdown into the amazing perfect Reinterpreting past history Heuer replica watches rowing, skilled type Yuet heart . It is worth mentioning that, Calibre 72 is also named after the origin of water sports close, because to participate in the 2013 US Sailing Oracle Racing AC72 sailing length exactly 72 feet.

Understated elegance black dial with vibrant red second hand and 30 minutes counting disk pointer, and at 12 o’clock countdown settings window plate, easy to read. Countdown function can be used in three different colors corresponding to the three interval of 5 minutes, it can be used for 5, 10 or 15 minutes of the countdown, practical and pleasing to the eye. Black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel engraved with silver and red paint Digital “Countdown (COUNTDOWN)” words.

Why is it named calibre 72?
For participating in the 2013 sailing Oracle Team USA AC72 sailing length exactly 72 feet.

How the countdown?
15-minute countdown is divided into three sections for 5 minutes. Interval of 5 minutes each with a different color (CAK211B followed by blue, red and white).

Which can start, stop and reset timer and countdown function.
Representing five windows at one minute intervals on the dial. Once the color of a window in a clockwise direction completely into another color, it indicates that the countdown is one minute. Due to three different colors represent the five minutes interval, it can also be used for 5, 10 or 15 minute countdown.

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AQUARACER Aquaracer 500 meters U.S. Oracle Racing Limited Edition
AQUARACER Aquaracer series “American team” limited edition, that the game players on the US team Oracle worn wrist watch, which set all kinds of professional-level security functions into one, and the red car with a special combination of elements, forceful powerful, bright, unique design. AQUARACER Aquaracer watches and chronographs are red salute to the American Oracle team. The red “TEAM USA” or “DEFENDER” imprint red helium valve, red chronograph hand, the vertical wave pattern black dial skyrocketing. Water resistant to 500 meters, black unidirectional rotating bezel to measure time with a sapphire crystal case back, signs fleet in black lettering adorn the cover.

TAG HEUER Oracle Racing as the US partner to participate in the 34th America’s Cup. Black, red and white Oracle Racing boats flying on the sea, skillfully control the various environments, it is amazing.Replica TAG HEUER introduced two limited edition watch is intended to praise those with the “sea F1” title regatta. These unique timepiece proudly display the red official “Team USA” and “DEFENDER” logo engraved on the iconic ship and back office. 500 m water depth and helium valve for the outstanding performance of this race team to provide superior performance, is an integral part of the race team.

Functions and features:
Double-sided anti-glare treatment. Improve the legibility of the time
Manual assembly pointer and digital 3,6,9 and 12
Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal so watch more durable
12 minutes drive time position with blue paint timing plate
6:00 hour drive time position with blue paint counter at 9 o’clock Small seconds set
Unidirectional rotating bezel measuring time is an essential safety feature. Any accidental movement of the bezel shortens the time remaining will be displayed.

Black dial, decorated with vertical lined effect

Red 30 minutes and 12-hour chronograph, chronograph hand with a red tip. Rhodium-plated minute and hour and hour markers

Manual assembly TAG Heuer logo (or DEFENDER US team) Team USA logo or DEFENDER

Screw black rubber over-molded crown, decorated with TAG Heuer logo
Black rubber over-molded buttons, one side fluted
Screw-back is decorated with a specific pattern Oracle Racing boats

Calendar window at 3 o’clock

10 o’clock position with fine-brushed stainless steel exhaust automatic helium valve, reddish top

TAG Heuer replica

AQUARACER Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 automatic watch blue ceramic bezel
This replica watches uk is equipped with a mechanical movement Calibre 5, blue stripes and elegant table dribbling effect, this section also highlights the most ingenious, like the vast deep-blue sky and majestic, the side show most vividly water sports and free. After the pointer and diamond hour markers inlaid staff were fluorescently labeled with a blue unidirectional rotating figures engraved silver lacquered ceramic bezel, automatic helium valve 10 o’clock position of finely polished. 500 m water depth assurance, elegant design, bright colors, not just the first choice of water sports are also suitable for everyday fashion mix.

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AQUARACER Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Stainless Steel rose gold
This is not to be missed camp AQUARACER another diving watch, Precious 18K rose gold material, so that the overall performance even more luxurious. Black dial with straight lines, large orange arrow and second hand solid rose gold unidirectional rotating bezel echoes, revealing a distinctive and dynamic style. With a black rubber strap, stainless steel buckle, so that the wearer safe and comfortable lifestyle. It is a durable high-performance diving equipment, but also has a high luxury style designs.

AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer Ladies Watch
The 1980s AQUARACER Aquaracer watches have been sought after by water sports enthusiasts, but for women at that time, their AQUARACER Aquaracer watch more like a smaller version of the male diving watch. 2013, TAG Heuer replica watches presents the latest luxury AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer Ladies watch, time changes, leap in technology and aesthetic changes witnessed Ms. AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer more elegant, more feminine process.

Ms. AQUARACER new Aquaracer watch its surface and rounded curves shine, compliments eternal resonance between women and water. Using the most sophisticated of the most precious materials – coral pink gold, glittering diamonds and sensual mother of pearl, jointly presented the perfect match. AQUARACER Aquaracer is inspired by Muse Bo Derek in the 1980s, the American movie star Bo Derek Bao Dai Li starred in the movie with the “perfect” “Tarzan” fame, at the time she almost Aquaracer avatar , very early age she loves the beach and water activities, she was hailed as the perfect woman out of ten. Bo Derek is still beloved today’s Aquaracer watch diving watch she believed to be endowed with the same time powerful and elegant and dignified appearance, can be worn when attending various important occasions, and is appropriate with all kinds of jewelry and dress.

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New AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer ladies diamond watch 27MM
18K 5N pink gold, 47 Top Wesselton diamonds (0.48CT)
Stainless steel and rose gold for the first time will be applied to both AQUARACER Aquaracer series, more rounded curves and unique design to bring out the deep feminine. Famously exquisite design elements in the “H-Link” bracelet in complementary: the wide middle bracelet with rose gold inlay elements and surrounded by a narrow decorated with curved edges and polished stainless steel. Fixed bezel owns three facets and six Aquaracer series of unique diving bolt rests 18K 5N pink gold produced. Bidirectional lines texture on the dial turned into waves of blue, reminding us of scenes in sparkling mother of pearl shine, so Aquaracer series – water theme again sublimation appear.

Aquaracer ladies watch exquisite, delicate and exquisite, elegant, and screw-in crown and other elements into the atmosphere, compared with women added a sort of calm, it is professional performance luxury diving watch.

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New AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer Diamond Dial Ladies Watch 34MM
Diamond dial 34MM Aquaracer watches for you to create eye-catching dazzling charm, bidirectional texture dial, mounted at the cursor position on the 11 Top Wesselton diamonds shine. Aquaracer watch both sports practicality but also emphasize the beauty of decoration, Calibre 5 automatic movement, visible through the sapphire crystal case back.

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New AQUARACER LADY Aquaracer automatic watch Ms. 34MM and 40MM Aquaracer automatic watch go hand in hand
Stainless steel rose gold watch equipped with automatic movement

Both the more luxurious Aquaracer watch uses 18K 5N rose gold, equipped with self-winding movement, so elegant charm ladies love become the love of men diving partner, join a swim in the ocean of love, which is undoubtedly It is moving interpretation of eternal love.

TAG Heuer replica

Which AQUARACER Aquaracer Ladies watch equipped with Calibre 5– first self-winding movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal back through clearly visible.

 TAG Heuer and the Monaco Grand Prix has a bond. Today, TAG Heuer replica is in final red thorn for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. With this attractive motorsport events, TAG Heuer will be passed again to the world its brand essence, to show that Swiss watch brand in F1 race no impregnable position. In 2013, TAG Heuer and the Monaco Grand Prix together again: cutting-edge technology, to create a benchmark for precision racing Racing TAG Heuer Latest watches –Carrera Calibre 16 Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition, Monaco Calibre 12 ACM and Monaco 24 Calibre 36– legends and create greater glories.

Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph Day-Date43MM Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition

TAG Heuer replica

As a unique Carrera– first for professional drivers and racing enthusiasts sporty chronograph, Carrera is undoubtedly the best interpretation of the traditional uk TAG Heuer replica Racing Games. In 1963, Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) to arduous “Carrera Pan-American road race in Mexico,” as inspiration, created the first Carrera chronograph. Thereafter Carrera Chronograph Ferrari driver who became a standard. In 1970, every member of the Ferrari –Jackie Ickx, Clay Regazzoni, Mario Andretti, Carlos Reutemann and Jody Scheckter– are wearing an engraved with their names and blood types Carrera gold watch. Thereafter, Carrera accompanied every TAG Heuer legendary rider crossed the finish line: Alain Prost, Coulthard, Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton, Jason Barton and the like.

As a new member of the Carrera family, this limited edition TAG Heuer is the product of modern history’s most famous race, the most dangerous, but also the most agonistic racing events – a tribute to the Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren and has been watch the team as standard equipment. Engraved with red Monaco Grand Prix marks on the bezel and tachometer, sapphire crystal bottom cover with color logo and watch the Monaco Grand Prix limited number (X / 4,000). Black rubber strap with the 1963 F1 race-inspired tire, using the tire pattern embossed design. On the open charcoal gray face plate inlaid by hand scale, scale covered with luminous coating, stopwatch minutes, and travel time clock three seconds timing window are at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions. Fire red pointers and buttons designed to be the finishing touch at the place of work the entire section, will watch this classic craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology in Switzerland demonstrated vividly.

Monaco Calibre 12 Chronograph Monaco Automobile Club 39MM Black Limited Edition

TAG Heuer replica

Monaco Series iconic square face plate for the first time appeared in the Steve McQueen movie “Le Mans” in. Today, TAG Heuer replica watches for this legendary watch join F1 class black titanium carbide, minute and hour front revealing white fluorescence. Smoked sapphire crystal bottom cover engraved with TAG Heuer Grand Prix partner – Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) identity. Face plate 12 o’clock printed with Monaco and TAG Heuer logo on all black face plate, especially brisk, and the tip portion seconds timer decorated with a wisp of orange, and the overall design is more vivid. Black perforated leather strap inspired by the car’s steering wheel cover, and with orange stitching, and the atmosphere lively. Since 1974 as the first all-black watch Monaco, Monaco Calibre 12 Chronograph will undoubtedly become the history of the most sexy symbol timing.

Monaco 24 Calibre 36 Chronograph black face plate 40.5MM

TAG Heuer replica

Face plate with black transparent design double window at 12 o’clock, the large number of “24” word particularly conspicuous, as if the world’s most famous endurance race – tribute to the Le Mans 24 hour race! Stainless steel case, Calibre 36 movement at an alarming rate of 36,000 vibrations per hour (equivalent to 5 Hz frequency). Through the sapphire crystal case back, the COSC-certified movement in a unique oscillating weight can glance. A “suspension system” by four damping arm suspended in the case, to provide the most reliable protection for the movement. They are responsible for the collection of vibration, so that movement affected by vibrations and import composite filter, which will be shock absorption, decomposition. Monaco 24 series of award-winning design of the structure, the unique design and high shock tube components directly from F1 racing technology design inspiration. This replica watches will be cutting-edge technology, rugged design and Monaco racing spirit into the body, but also highlights the unrivaled hero Steve McQueen style.

TAG Heuer replica watches

The world’s leading brand of high-end chronographs, UK TAG Heuer replica Swiss watchmaking pioneer in global brand spokesperson invited last weekend, Hollywood actor Leonardo Di • Austro-Prussian, US actress Cameron Diaz • Go to Monaco as a special guest Watch 71st F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

(May 25, 2013 Saturday) Leonardo Di Austro • Cameron Diaz • here TAG Heuer exclusive yacht cocktail party held at Port Hercule. That night, the Prince of Monaco (HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco), the world’s top male model David • Gandy (David Gandy), Vodafone – McLaren – Mercedes (McLaren Vodafone Mercedes) famous racing team • Jenson Button ( Jenson Button), • Sergio Perez (Sergio Perez), • Romain Grosjean (Romain Grosjean) and the legendary F1 driver Alain • Prost (Alain Prost), World Rally champion Sebastien • Austria Kiel (Sebastien Ogier) after another, even more noble and infinite passion. TAG Heuer important business partners and reporters were also invited to spend the night racing carnival.

TAG Heuer replica watches

(May 26, 2013 Sunday) Leonardo Di Austro • Cameron Diaz • TAG Heuer as a special guest, and go to Vodafone – McLaren – Mercedes (McLaren Vodafone Mercedes) pits lane for F1 racing driver Jenson Button • (Jenson Button), • Sergio Perez (Sergio Perez) to help support field. Leonardo Di Austro • Cameron Diaz • VIP area at replica TAG Heuer watch very passionate and dynamic racing scene. In the VIP area of ​​the famous French DJ Bob Sinclar, famous Swiss singer Bastian Baker. Stars together with this, and TAG Heuer invited guests were spending a fun and exciting afternoon.

• Cameron Diaz along the whole line of Monaco is a new version of Monaco ACM chronograph, this watch has a glorious history, first launched in 1969, 1971 • Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) in the 1971 film “speed hurricane” (Le Mans) is the section in Monaco wearing a watch, then Monaco square watch maverick style popular in the world. Leonardo Di Austro • The choice is a very personal his beloved Monaco 24 watch, the shock effect of high technology into the class, and the design is very elegant and unique.

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The event Houkameilong • Diaz said: “I grew up watching the Long Beach Grand Prix start, you can say is I grew up with this is my first time so close to watch highlights of the car and I am very. excited to be a replica TAG Heuer brand family of one, came to watch the most famous racing arena. ”

TAG Heuer replica watches

“The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​the world’s best racing, I am very pleased to cooperate with TAG Heuer replica watches for many years, to work together in environmental protection and sustainable development, particularly TAG Heuer International Green Cross (Green Cross International) and the Natural Resources Defense support Commission (NRDC) now, I’ve started and we look forward to exploring new Formula E electric formula car competition! “• Leonardo Di Austro also talked about his feelings concept of race.

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TAG Heuer and F1 Monaco Grand Prix
In 2011, TAG Heuer and Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) signed a historic agreement to become the official watch, chronograph and glasses partners. In the Swiss replica watches industry, and never as a watch brand TAG Heuer Monaco car race in general and with so inextricably linked. As an official partner of the Monaco Grand Prix organizers Automobile Club of Monaco, TAG Heuer sponsored most Monaco Grand Prix driver, who has a lot of TAG Heuer spokesperson at the Monaco Grand Prix rider to win in: • Niki Lauda (Niki Lauda ), Jodi • Shi Kete (Jody Scheckter), • Alain Prost (Alain Prost), Elton • Senna (Ayrton Senna), • Mika Hakkinen (Mika Häkkinen), David • Kute Ha Germany (David Coulthard), • Kimi Raikkonen (Kimi Räikkönen), • Fernando Alonso (Fernando Alonso), • Lewis Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton).

Collector’s Edition Jack Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph of 45mm

TAG Heuer replica watches

Deals with retro and avant-garde, to celebrate these two Mr. TAG Heuer replica Honorary Chairman Jack Heuer 80th birthday • limited edition watch is the best expression.

The first branch is a limited edition watch • Mr. Jack Heuer himself designed and limited production of more than 3,000 pieces. The second branch limited edition watch inspired breakthrough Mikrogirder, designed by Jack is presented with a new outlook on the world.

And these two watches are inspired from the 1963 Carrera’s first watch, the technical details of the car and aerospace applications in the field of the grand show. The first version of the smoky gray and black and white dial decorated with TAG Heuer logo. It is worth mentioning that the watch is the first application of a load of 39 Calibre1887 jewel self-winding chronograph movement. The second version is in smoke gray dial decorated with vintage red logo, has mounted at least 37 of the 17 jewel automatic chronograph movement. Calibre17 version uses perforated leather strap black with red lining, Calibre1887 is pure black strap with red lining. Red second hand and chronograph more impact visual effects. Date window at 6 o’clock position, the position of the timing window at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock.

Calera location Mikrogirder asymmetrical design will crown and chronograph buttons to adjust the top of the case. • Jack Heuer’s shield badge family home in the smoke and red signature color sapphire crystal case back clearly visible. Or in technical design, Jack • TAG Heuer limited edition are embodied glow half a century, it is the undisputed pioneer of avant-garde!

Carrera Calibre 16 movement from the big date 41mm gentleman racing heritage

TAG Heuer replica watches

Calera unparalleled racing pedigree has spread, and the times that it has become both traditional and modern classic. Carrera equipped with the new features – and the week day, month display with tachometer scale on three small dial chronograph and 41 mm bezel, these people relive the classic elements of splendid classic car dashboard.

Five-row steel bracelet, alternate fine-brushed and polished finishes, equipped with solid steel folding clasp. Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, and back scratch-resistant sapphire crystal processing, double-sided anti-reflective coating ensures optimum readability. Oversized crown and buttons with the old classic chronograph echoes.

With the times, reinventing classic prowess and, once again Carrera racing maverick spirit and style of the perfect fusion of luxury to the extreme.

Carrera Calibre 8 big date – when the two -COSC 41mm

TAG Heuer replica watches

Perfect world traveler: uk TAG Heuer replica Calibre 8 Automatic movement equipped with a large date display at 12 o’clock position manually ramp embedded window. 41mm watch display at 6 o’clock position of the second time zone.

From the timeless elegance, while the Carrera is the pioneer of timeless elegance, fine brushed and polished as well as characteristics of Calera unparalleled readability make it always stand on top of the times, through the sapphire crystal case back COSC stamp movement is clearly visible.

TAG Heuer replica watches

Dial in silver, gray and black smoke, and the corresponding pointer colors to choose from; you can strap with brown, smoke gray or black alligator, or alternating polished and stainless steel strap, ergonomic design H bring amazing feel comfortable wearing.

Calera Calibre36 Flyback Chronograph 43mm

Calera to four Flyback Chronograph shows the TAG Heuer design prowess and skill.

Unique dual dial design inspired by the beginning of the TAG Heuer replica watches chronograph, wide dial provides a clear field of vision, every minute can clear (silver or black depending on the model). Small seconds at 9 o’clock, chronograph minute hand displays at 3 o’clock position, date at 6 o’clock position, by contrast, hour and minute hands on a bright smoke gray dial becomes more prominent.

36,000 vibrations per hour, to complete the movement. Thus, the case has become a showcase for Swiss watchmaking skill of the stage: the side under the case, the top of the corner, sharp edges, both dynamic and delicate mirror polishing. Create table back with scratch-resistant sapphire made. The new “H” shaped bracelet crafted in stainless steel, can watch the fine drawing, but also ergonomic. The watch can also be used with black crocodile leather strap.

Smoke gray with silver or gray with black smoke, calm and dynamic, full of masculinity. Fire red second hand as if a ball of fire coming over the chronograph, burning Calera spirit, but also a symbol of a future forerunner, indomitable.

TAG Heuer replica watches

Carrera Calibre 36 Flyback Chronograph “Racing”

TAG Heuer replica watches

Calera from the founding date, the history of the brand has always been one of the most elegant and creative movement. Recalling brand high vibration frequency trip, had traced Calibre 36 automatic chronograph movement (by the 36,000 beats / hour vibration frequency of the name), it features a typical complex functions – returning to a time, a simple click the immediately reset the chronograph to zero. The inspiration is from the feature race, pilots and other aviation users, in the shortest time in order to stop, restart and reset them to use.

Case by the generous level 2 ultralight titanium crafted, its corrosion-resistant properties are also applied to leading aerospace, automotive and architectural design. Case has been sandblasted black titanium carbide coating and special treatment highlights TAG Heuer’s unique charm.

“Racing” has a unique smoky gray dial, TAG Heuer logo placed thereon becomes more glitz, chronograph exemplar ring crafted in polished black gold, manual loading of Arabic numerals and dial decorated in red sophisticated chronograph second hand there replica TAG Heuer logo. With date window at 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, respectively chronograph minute and second hands. Both timing window decals are decorated with fine-brushed and polished surfaces. Scratch-resistant smoked sapphire crystal case back provides a visual window, you can see the operation of high-precision movement.

The new strap is black leather with black porous layer, carrying the black level 2 ultralight titanium folding clasp. The design is inspired by the car leather steering wheel cover disc.

Calera is undoubtedly the leader in fast forward, while the new Carrera Calibre36 Flyback Chronograph is fully reflects the significance of the car, and closely linked to motorsport, compose a new glory.

TAG Heuer replica watches

50 years pioneering vanguard
April 12, 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth family Carrera, TAG Heuer replica avant-garde Swiss watchmaking pioneer held a grand press conference in Shanghai Plaza. That night, TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera held its 50th anniversary celebration dinner at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, including socialites, watch connoisseurs hundred distinguished guests gathered. TAG Heuer brand’s fourth generation descendant of Jack Heuer, the global brand CEO Jean-Christophe Babin, Benoit Toulin President of LVMH Watch and Jewellery Greater China, global brand spokesperson F1 racing driver Jenson Button, the famous film artists Mr. Chen Daoming all come to the scene, together enjoy the luxury of this noble feast.

TAG Heuer replica watches

To give guests panoramic views of the Bund, to spend the night in an unrivaled graceful art atmosphere. TAG Heuer replica watches careful selection of great historical characteristics of the Peninsula Hotel, male, according to Chinese and foreign famous Bund, Huangpu River, Pudong and the amazing view sitting on the former British Consulate gardens, unique art design also exudes charm. Dinner presents more resonance Pop Art and Mr. Jack Heuer watch works of art and TAG Heuer watch between deeply integrated into the brand in endless innovations.

When the TAG Heuer brand’s fourth generation descendant of the father of Mr. Jack Heuer Carrera came into view among the crowd, the scene suddenly thunder agitation, have my deepest respect to the legendary master clocks. Mr. Jack Heuer was first introduced in 1963 designed for racing chronograph series Carrera now he won the love was very pleased. In this overflowing passion night, TAG Heuer and more invited to the famous F1 racing driver Jenson Button Mr. grand ceremony, his presence also makes activities climax, Mr. Jack Heuer in its arena will personally penned limited edition cards Laila watches gift Mr. Jenson Button, TAG Heuer hereby thank him for his support and love. This, TAG Heuer more honored to have global brand spokesperson, the famous film artists Mr. Chen Daoming, the first Chinese F1 driver Mr. Dong Hebin together Dramas Carrera series in honor of the dinner atmosphere, feel the unique timing concept.

TAG Heuer replica watches

Enjoying touching the Bund, along with singer singing deep and lazy, Food and Wine, Yoshitomo copolymer. TAG Heuer creative and sincere orchestrated Calera glory night, but also to all the guests left the most profound memories unforgettable dinner.

50th anniversary of TAG Heuer Carrera Shanghai after the first stop of the tour started, it will continue traveling exhibition in China’s major cities. In order to watch enthusiasts a comprehensive understanding of the history of the legendary Carrera series, UK TAG Heuer replica Carrera watch will be fully present the latest works of Haute Horlogerie series, as well as the reputation of striking collection of antique watches Carrera series, including 1963 in its first Carrera Chronograph 1969 Carrera Chronomatic Calibre 11 Chronograph, the 1975 Carrera Calibre 12 watch, launched in the face of the crisis in 1978 Calera thin quartz watches, etc. Rare works.

TAG Heuer replica watches